Summer sailing- Falmouth, Salcombe, Guernsey, Sark, Guernsey, Ile de Brehat and Trebuerden

We had a great two weeks sailing along the English coast from Falmouth to Salcombe, the Channel Islands and the North French coast.
We could not believe our luck weather wise, a perfect sunrise welcomed us as we set sail early Sunday morning.

Mylor sunrise

Eddistone lighthouse off Plymouth

We sailed along the English coast to Salcombe.We arrived during the regatta week with small sailing vessels cutting across our path at every angle.
Salcombe arrival

Busy Salcombe

Our next destination was the Channel Islands. We were welcomed to Guernsey by our 4th pod of dolphins. We have never seen so many dolphins in one sailing holiday.
St Peter Port, Guernsey
Walking along the Guernsey coast

From Guernsey we visited a surprisingly quiet Sark. This small rugged island seemed a little out of sorts compared to previous trips. After a steep climb from our mooring we enjoyed exploring this eccentric island.
Our Sark mooring
The causeway to Little Sark built by German soldiers after the Second World War

A rocky cove
Sark Henge (seemed to be made from old fence posts)

From Sark we travelled to Jersey. The Port at St Helier is guarded by Elizabeth Castle.
Sailing towards the harbour and marina, St Helier Jersey

We wandered along the coast towards St Aubin. The pictures show the terrific tidal ranges experienced for most of this holiday. Every departure and arrival had to be carefully planned.
Tide out looking towards Elizabeth Castle, lots of green seaweed

Walking along beach to St Aubin
Tide in and the aquatic bus was still ferrying passengers.

From Jersey we sailed to Ile de Brehat on the Northern Brittany coast. We are fond of this french island. It is very popular with French tourists who arrive daily aboard vedettes. It never really feels crowded though and the day trippers depart early evening.
Ile de Brehat
More massive tidal ranges

Galletes (in a cardboard box??) et boule de cidre.
Le Moulin (water mill)
Leaving Brehat. The white specks on the tree are egrets (birds)

We sailed along the french coast to Trebuerden.
Trebuerden marina
Walking along the coast, tide out
Trebuerden sunset

102 mile journey home (20 hours)
The English Channel looking like a millpond
Water was so clear, here you can see the bubbles created by the dolphins blow hole
Sunset over glassy sea
Tanker floating between sea and sky
Back on home mooring

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