January sunshine
Nuevo a-nyo (New Year)

Happy New Year

January has been a quiet month with little opportunity of escape from the routine. Dark mornings and dark evenings with unseasonably warm damp weather.
We started the month with good intentions and during the new year weekend we went for a stout 6 mile walk around nearby countryside broken by a warming lunch at the Plough Inn in Everdon.
After that weekends of grey, leaden skies and a winter bug kept us more homebound.

Emerging bulbs in the garden give the signs that thankfully spring will soon be with us.

Magnetic memories
This is a picture of our fridge. Fifteen years ago we started buying fridge magnets whenever we visited somewhere new. The majority of them are either from the British Isles or small islands off the Brittany coast. Although not great distances sailing to these places can be exciting.

Sometimes we venture further afield and we are finalising plans for our main holiday this year, a Cuban Caribbean adventure. We have booked through an independent travel company called Rickshaw Travel. They specialise in putting together individual travel packages. I usually like trawling the internet myself and exploring travel details and accommodation but it seemed more sensible to call in the experts this time. We are pleased with the final itinerary which has a good balance of culture, beaches and scenery. We have purchased mosquito deterrents and have booked a few vaccinations. There is also the daunting task of trying to learn a little Spanish. We have downloaded a course by Paul Collins and have stuck post it notes on objects around the house. We don’t seem to be getting very far with it though. I tried listening to the course on my journey to work but it is far too distracting when driving.

Donde podemos ir a bailar salsa? (Where can we go salsa dancing) Ha Ha!

Hasta primavera (Until springtime)
Adios (Goodbye)

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