Autumn changes.

As the seasons change and the daylight hours reduce, Richard and I have been considering the Autumn of our lives. 

The most popular options considered by people changing their lifestyle are:

  • open a coffee shop
  • go travelling
  • open a bed and breakfast.


When I started this website I was going through a coffee shop phase (great to be so predictable eh?)

 I read a book about coffee shops which quickly identified the pitfalls including the ever increasing numbers of coffee shops. I think I would enjoy letting rooms if a property offered a degree of privacy. We have enjoyed many a good bed and breakfast during our travels and have met many lifestyle changers who have successfully chosen this option. Being able to let a property completely would enable us to do more……… travelling!
Next year we are visiting Rome and Tuscany. I have downloaded my Italian speaking course in readiness. I hope to visit Vinci as am still having a Leonardo moment.
I have recently been having a dabble at watercolours. 

First water colour attempts. Helpful criticism welcome!

I would like to pursue something more creative, but initially will probably continue my present occupation in a new location.

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