New Year, new story. A move to the Cornish Coast.

This should be a life changing year. 

We have put our house on the market and are planning to move to the Cornish coast!

Excited, apprehensive, guilty for contemplating living further away from loved ones. All of these emotions and more!

Why now?

We have always hoped to move to Cornwall one day. We love this beautiful coastline. We have realistic expectations, we have lots of experience of Cornish rain. 

Not getting any younger. Need to fulfil my teenage ambition of being a beach bum before everything sags any further. 

Richard would be nearer to his beloved boat.

Job has become overwhelming. Richard’s job could finish anytime. We would like to continue working, but could try something new and have time to become part of the community before retirement.

Although we live in a lovely part of the country, when we have free time,  we always yearn to be in Cornwall. 

Family would visit as they love it there too. Being Granny by the seaside is appealing.

People we know that have done it absolutely love it! 

The map below shows how much smaller the world has become. We can return to Northamptonshire in less than 5 hours. We could fly from Newquay to Birmingham. The youngsters could decide to move themselves somewhere further away, they certainly enjoy travelling.

How travel distances have changed, Isochronic Passage chart for travellers.
Royal Geographic Society 1881

January 2018

Another art class, a little “Monet Madness”. I quite like this dotty style of painting. 

Those water lilies
Slightly different style, idea from a Monet painting.


Another visit to Cornwall but with a purpose.

House hunting. 

We had a good look around the Falmouth area. We visited two houses, both with sea views and parking. Not in love with them though.

Our house sold subject to contract.

Cornwall in February, unfortunately saw no views as good as this one.

Marching on and the search is narrowing.

I am now a Granny. So need to find a seaside abode.

We have started to like Flushing, opposite Falmouth  and the warmest place in England (apparently). Two pubs and great community. Beaches and a ferry over to Falmouth. 

We made an offer on a house.

The beach on a grey Easter day


Lots of work and box packing.