2 months of virtual travel cafe, a June review

When I started this website two months ago, I had never built a website and had no idea about blogging. So I have set up a website site and have managed to record most of our recent travel experiences. We have enjoyed a week in Scotland and some great weekend outings. It has been great considering the wet weather during June. The weather forecast for July is typically non-committal, we are hoping for south westerly winds and sunshine. We are resigned to going where the wind and tides take us (quite romantic really). We watched the film The Lobster recently and the ultimate test for a couple was to spend 15 days together on a yacht off the Kerry coast. Interesting idea.
I have found it sometimes difficult to find the time or motivation to write, especially after a day at work. It has taken a long time trying to get each post looking as I would like (I do not know coding). I did not write while we were on holiday because I did not want to spend our precious holiday time recording our experiences as you become less present in the moment. How can you truly enjoy the wonders around you?
My main problem at the moment is procrastination and managing my time.

We will hopefully be visiting these shores in July
We will hopefully be visiting these shores soon

“Like as the waves make towards the pebbl’d shore, so do our minutes, hasten to their end”.
William Shakespeare (him again!)

The sea theme is deliberate as we will soon be spending 3 weeks afloat.

“Tide and time wait for no man”
Geoffrey Chaucer

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